Guylaine Cosseron : voix
Irene Kepl : violin

Guylaine Cosseron and Irene Kepl met in Australia in 2017 during individual tours and meet again in march in France to record as a Duo. The two freelance musicians from France and Austria work in the fields of contemporary, improvised music. Their playgrounds are voice (Guylaine Cosseron) and violin (Irene Kepl), and they explore their instruments far beyond the usual way, they dig deeper using special techniques of both, voice and violin in behalf of creating a much more colourful music !

Violinist and composer Irene Kepl studied classical violin and jazz in Linz/AT and she now lives in Vienna. Her work focuses primarily on contemporary classical music, free improvisation and composition but also includes Jazz and groove based music. Further work includes commissions for theater, film and sound installations.
CD releases include original compositions by her and free improvised contemporary music, for example with the Duo Irene Kepl - Violin & Mark Holub - Drums/SLAM records UK, Trio resonators/Another Timbre UK (with George Cremaschi and Petr Vrba) and as a Soloist at “SololoS”/FOU records FR, and caused high international recognition. Further releases with string quartet Violet Spin/UNIT records CH, contemporary music by her with the
Ensemble Verso/zeromoon records USA, and Superstring theory (Solo)/SoundOut AU. She ́s a member of many more projects like Trio FAQs (with Dirk Marwedel and Uwe Oberg), U & I (with Dancer Ursina Tossi/D), NYX (with Carl Ludwig Hübsch) and KLM (with Joe McPhee and Paul Lovens).
Irene Kepl has performed at many prestigous venues and festivals including : Klangspuren Schwaz, Festival Unlimited, Jazzfest Vienna, Vienna Festwochen & Wien Modern, Moers Festival/D, 12 points Festival/SE, SoundOut & Nownow/AU, DMG/NYC & Sonic Circuits/USA, Java Jazz Festival/IO ect. Her music has been broadcast on various radio stations, she has received the fellowship „music OMI“ New York, the Gustav Mahler Composition Prize and the Theodor Körner Prize for composition. Commissioned compositions were premiered at concert halls and festivals such as Brucknerfest Linz, ORF
Musikprotokoll and Vienna Festwochen. Irene Kepl has worked with Joëlle Leàndre, Matilda Rolfsson, Nina de Heney, Mats Gustavsson amongst others.

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