Guylaine Cosseron : voice
Irene Kepl : violin
guest : Henrik Nørstebø : trombone

Guylaine Cosseron and Irene Kepl met in Australia in 2017 during individual tours and meet again in march in France to record as a Duo. The two freelance musicians from France and Austria work in the fields of contemporary, improvised music. Their playgrounds are voice (Guylaine Cosseron) and violin (Irene Kepl), and they explore their instruments far beyond the usual way, they dig deeper using special techniques of both, voice and violin in behalf of creating a much more colourful music ! http://www.irenekepl.at/

Guylaine Cosseron and Irene Kepl sometimes played with Henrik Nørstebø the trombe player who come from Norway.http://www.henriknorstebo.com/
You can listen to their music here :

Canberra 2016 soundout festival

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