Duo Minton/Cosseron

Phil Minton : voice
Guylaine Cosseron : voice

In this duet between Phil Minton and Guylaine Cosseron, that belches in cataracts(waterfalls) of rocky and gaseous sounds.

That whistles, çà smoke, çà lisp and çà creak. We rush into this choral cave up to the vocal glottis.

The voice(vote) gobbles up us in its sound glosses, it includes us and it gulps down us in the fabric(tissue) of its physical and chemical material(subject). She(it) investigates granular sediments of the stamp stamped in her(its) guttural and sepulchral maze.

His(Her,Its) musical spectre moves there until emit(utter) flows and ebb of cramps diphoniques. It is a magnetic magma